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FAQ 's

Faq 's

1. What is Oleum and how does it work?
Oleum is an e-commerce platform that helps you to keep track of all their fuel transactions digitally. Plus, the application also provides the exact mileage of the vehicle.
2. What is Fuel Point? How it is used?
Fuel Point is a rupee equivalent value to receive fuel from any Oleum-linked fuel outlets. Corporates or business establishments can offer fuel credits in the form of fuel points as loyalty
3. What is e-receipt? How will a consumer receive e-receipts?
e- receipts are electronic invoices made available to all users whenever they fuel their vehicles. It is convenient for a user to download the receipts from the webpages or share them through WhatsApp.
4. What is O-Mileage? How mileage is calculated in Oleum?
O-Mileage is a unique feature offered by Oleum to calculate vehicles’ exact mileage. If a user can’t fuel through an outlet which is not Oleum-enabled, they can add the details easily through their mobile application.
5. Should I download the app for receiving e-receipts?
Not at all. Users can receive receipts through SMS with a weblink.
6. What is Oleum Pro?
This is an exclusive service to business customers with than five vehicles in their fleet.
7. Can you transfer fuel to other users?
A user has a provision to transfer their fuel points through simple clicks to another Oleum user
8. What is O-Membership? How does it work?
O- Memberships are designed only for premium users of Oleum. Those in the group can receive recurring fuel credits through memberships.
9. What is O-Cloud partner? How I can become a partner?
O-Cloud members are for those who take up Oleum franchises.
10. How can corporate and business establishments use our product?
Fuel promotions are given by the retail outlets and campaigns are designed specifically for group fueling community. A business can also publish their promotions through the platform
11. How does community fuelling work?
A registered community can receive free fuel depending upon the commitment made for a particular period. The recording of the fueling by the community members are captured during the fueling instance.
12. What is O-membership? How does it work?
O- Membership is exclusively designed memberships for companies to offer recurring fuel credits to a customer.
13. Can I redeem my fuel points in any fuel stations?
Fuel points are linked with respective fuel stations and the Cans are designed for a user to know their available fuel credits.

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