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The Oleum Franchise - Self Employment Model

It's not the best of times and certainly, It's not the worst of times either.

We all are affected by the dreaded Coronavirus in one way or another, but it’s time we all move forward and make the world how it was a few months ago. As they say, the show must go on. Or in our case, the ride must go on.

The COVID -19 pandemic has created turbulence across the world and many businesses has closed their shops sighting the business loss. This has made huge impact on the employment sector and in future this may be a learned lesson for many individuals keep their life safe by bringing changes n their attitude and more disciplined. The success lies in the ability to get adapted to the present situation quickly and face the challenges ...

Oleum is an e-commerce platform that helps a consumer to keep track of all their fuel records – filling, mileage and the expenses that occurred in particular periods – weekly, monthly, and yearly. On most occasions, vehicle users fail to even calculate their fuel expenses, mostly because there is no proper mechanism. That’s why Oleum is so effective and why you all should have it.

Oleum captures every single fuelling at any fuel station along with the odometer reading.   In case, the consumer has the provision to add details if a petrol\diesel station is not associated with Oleum. The mileage is computed automatically with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm, besides showing the Fuel Trends Graph also.

And wait, we have features. Oleum users have the provision to integrate with Global Positioning System (GPS) attached to vehicles. There are other benefits like fuel points that can be redeemed. Fuel Point is a rupee equivalent value to receive fuel from any Oleum-linked fuel outlets. For instance, companies or corporates can offer fuel credits in the form of fuel points as loyalty. A user also can transfer their fuel points through simple clicks to another Oleum user.And wait, we have features. Oleum users have the provision to integrate with Global Positioning System (GPS) attached to vehicles. There are other benefits like fuel points that can be redeemed. Fuel Point is a rupee equivalent value to receive fuel from any Oleum-linked fuel outlets. For instance, companies or corporates can offer fuel credits in the form of fuel points as loyalty. A user also can transfer their fuel points through simple clicks to another Oleum user.

We offer an Insurance Umbrella too!
At Oleum, we really care about our employees and partners, and we always think of long-term relationships. Which is why we have added many extra benefits that most employers may not even think of. An employee, for us, is more than just an employee, who takes home his pay package and has his work delivered.  We care and we want to secure your life and your family too.  For that, we have come up with solid insurance exclusively tailor-made for you and your family too. Let us work together, let us fuel your dreams together and let us grow together.
Always remember:  we grow together.

How to enroll as a franchise
Any individual who has an aptitude to do business can apply through the online portal. Only applications through the portal will be accepted. You will receive an invite to attend an Online Meeting once if you are short-listed. In case there is more than one contestant for same fuel station, will have an Online Bidding for the selection of the franchisee. There is no registration charge and once selection is completed, further process will follow:

1. Short-listed applicants will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement
2. An affidavit  on Proof of Identity with legal address, Adhaar number, PA number and Bank details
3. Selected applicants shall be called for an online interview

The franchise has an option to go as low as one fuel station of their choice. On receipt of confirmation from the fuel station, Oleum will admit the franchise to the Franchise Management Portal and then the stipulated fees should be paid, preferably online.

Once the registration process is completed, the franchise will undergo online training and will have access to user guides and other marketing collaterals

Oleum Franchise Fees
Oleum Franchise fees starts with Rs 50,000/- onward for every fuel station depending upon the location and size of fuel stations

Oleum Franchise Benefits
SL NO Description Projected Quantity Monthly Projected Sales Commission Amount
1 Fuel E-receipts 30,000 0.50 15,000
2 Fuel Economy Reports 100 50 5,000
3 Franchise Fees 1 3000 3,000
Grand Total 23,000

Roles and responsibilities of a franchisee
1. Promote attached Fuel Station Sales via Oleum Platform
2. Identify potential business customers and educate them on Oleum products
3. Keep track ofall transactions and resolve any disputes at fuel stations

Selection Process
Short-listed Applications need to undergo three steps process:
1. Phase 1: Pre-Qualification - All the applications will be duly verified by the selection committee. Any incomplete application will be rejected and the committee decision is undisputable. All selected candidates will attend an intro talk by Oleum through Zoom, and submission of question and answer form. Completed applications will be referred to the phase 2 application process and intimate them through the email only. The last date for submission of completed application will be informed.

2. Phase 2: Completed Application Scrutiny: In the phase 2 process the candidate will be directed to submit the documentary proofs of their Adhaar, PAN, Address Proof, Bank Account details, Contact details of Retail Outlets connected, In case of Woman Applicants NOC from head of family etc. All selected candidates will be referred to Phase 3

3. Phase 3 : Enrollment Process: During this phase the CRM account of the participants will be shared by Oleum and need to submit the Franchise Deposit amount through electronic transfer, and onboarding will be carried out

About Oleum:
IS IT REQUIRED TO DOWNLOAD APPS? The answer is - Absolutely not. Users have the option to receive receipts through SMS message with a web link.

SO IS THERE NO PROVISION FOR RECEIPTS? - There is a provision called e-receipt which is an electronic invoice made available to all users the moment they refuel at stations. It is convenient for a user to download the receipts from the webpages or you can even share through What’s App.

We also have a premium service called Oleum Pro which is exclusively for business customers who have more than five vehicles in their fleet.  It’s ideal for traders, high-end businessmen, and even tour operators. 

Oleum has an O- Cloud partner model where franchise options are offered to aspiring self-employment individuals or a businessman.

The model introduced by Waylink Pitstop Solutions Private Limited, a start-up with a patent pending technology by use of virtual cans with Patent application no: 201841037135 under the Title of Invention: A system and method for virtual fuel aggregation, transfer and consumer feedback to cater the diesel/petrol users at their convenient fuel stations. The product named “Oleum” has the capability to monitor and manage the fuel dispensation process and an audit trail to validate each transaction.

The Scope Includes
1. Offer a business opportunity for an individual through its cloud member model to operate any number of fuel stations as an Oleum representative
2. Enable fuel retail outlets to increase their businesses through customer retention and add new customers through innovative campaigns
3. Helps businesses and individuals to purchase/dispense fuel at a discounted price 4. Track all dispensations to the end
5. Reach out to all corners of the country through multiple franchises under the scheme.

Recurring rewards approach
One of the objectives is to keep the customer with a reminder of recurring benefits, rather than offer one-time pay-outs. This would keep them on their toes to do the purchase regularly through Oleum. The Franchise can use various schemes to add more users to the platform

Solution Overview?
The Oleum solution consists of:
1. Web application for corporate users and fuel outlets
2. Mobile application for corporate users
3. Mobile application for consumers
4. Mobile application for retail outlets

We are a team comprising veterans with a collective experience and expertise of over 200 years across domains. This blend of maturity and dynamism will ensure the delivery of sustained excellence in customer service. The team has the experience in executing sophisticated technology solutions in the country with domain expertise in software development, Telematics, Communications, banking and supply chain areas.

How It Works
Oleum can register both corporates, fuel stations and consumers through the platform and offer fuel through its platform. Each corporate has a provision to publish their offers and using a QR code reference for a consumers to avail the fuel at respective fuel stations

Fuel Retail Outlets
The solution has been built with a provision to accommodate a fuel station as the dispensing partner. The RO is linked with its bank details with a digital payment gateway. Also the system can accommodate other payments methods such as Google Pay, Paytm or even cash.

The most important aspect of any project to become successful is the governance of the project. The entire solution has been designed with an end-to-end process.
1. Franchise Login: An authorized franchise will have a login to monitor all transactions at respective fuel stations of their license.
2. User Identifications: The mobile application has an authentication system through the mobile OTP and ensure all users are genuine customers.
3. Beneficiary Groups: A group can be defined under any legal entity and identify attach them for any offers under the campaign created by the businesses.
4. Corporates: A corporate account is created by the Admin Panel with their contact information and an agent under the corporate can be designated as the SPOC for the entire project. Each dispensation of fuel is tracked with mobile number/ vehicle number, date and time of the dispensation, fuel station, fueling agent, location details etc. The dispensation log would become the primary information to stop any misuse or fraud through an e-receipt of the dispensation. These records create a data repository for easy validation.
5. Campaigns: Registered corporates have the provision to create their campaigns of their choice. For example, a textiles store can publish their offers and fuel point rewards easily using their mobile/ web application.

Future Expansions
We have also plans for door-to-door dispensation of fuel through a Mobile Dispensation Unit (MDU). This would bring lot more convenience for farmers and the cost of transportation can be optimized.

Franchise Prerequisite Qualification Form
Application Closes on July 15 2020

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